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Simple and local food for a siege

Updated: May 30, 2020

From where we sit in the world, in the south of the south of the globe, it seemed we would be spectators, not participants in the global COVID -19 siege.

Now, as we bunker down to days and months at home, I thought it would be good to start this blog for the house-bound and the socially isolated.

The story will change as we go. Right now we are witnessing our food suppliers adapting.

Our local cafe has converted itself into a corner store and our pub is empty of people but available for take away wine and beer. On the way home last night, I grabbed a bottle of Adelaide Hills Rose. I asked the young barman how things were going and he let me know that his casual work had dried up and this was his last shift.

Our aim at this time is to shop locally as much as possible and keep eating healthy fresh food. We bought organic chick peas from Cafe Troppo as well as pasta flour, cheese and local eggs. They sold us their wine for 25% off the menu price.

The market is still open and so we grabbed a Buffalo Mozzarella and some ripe tomatoes and fresh ciabatta bread from Boulangerie, a local bakery where they have mastered the Italian recipe. Basil grows strongly on our balcony and we still have plenty of Willunga Wild Olive Oil.

So for lunch, of course, a caprese salad with bread.... and a glass of local white wine.

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