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Curly Kale

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

We delved into our delivered mystery box exclaiming at the freshness, seasonality and variety.... but curly kale....... really?.......

This vegetable tastes and smells too much like cut grass to me and I have never had the desire to blend it raw and drink is as a smoothy (sorry to those who love this).

The discovery led to some frantic googling for "interesting curly kale recipes" and "recipes for those who hate curly kale" but they all seemed far too worthy and dull and I am sure there are only so many kale chips you can eat.

I texted my daughter and she had some good advice to get rid of the grassy flavour. You cut out the stalk and cook the leaves well. It seems that it is also a vegetable which is best cooked with other things. She sent a delicious looking creamed greens recipe with crunchy croutons. I will try this later.

In the end, I took baby steps and cooked tuna and curly kale patties and we ate them with grilled heritage tomatoes, sprinkled with salt, pepper and dried oregano and a salad of bio-dynamic leaves.

In our family tuna patties were our go to simple comfort food because we generally always had a tin of tuna, some potatoes and an egg. My mum was an expert.

I think the secret to meeting the curly kale challenge applies to every unfamiliar vegetable - keep using it until it becomes part of your normal veggie repertoire. I'm up for it!

Tuna and curly kale patties.

Take out the stems, cut up the curly kale leaves and boil them together with peeled potatoes cut into chunks. When the potatoes are soft, drain and mash the vegetables together. Put them into a bowl and add a drained tin of tuna, white pepper and salt and a beaten egg. Mix well.

Form the mixture into patties, coat in breadcrumbs and fry in olive oil.

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